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Personal Training

Embark on a personalized fitness journey with Vybe Fitness in Winter Park, Florida. Our tailored personal training programs are designed to match your unique fitness goals. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, strength training, or overall wellness, our certified trainers are ready to guide you.

Small Group Training

Experience the power of community with Vybe Fitness Small Group Training in Winter Park. Our groups are kept small to ensure personalized attention, and you’ll find motivation and support in your fellow fitness enthusiasts. Start your group training journey today!


Unleash your inner strength with our Powerlifting program at Vybe Fitness in Winter Park, Florida. Designed for all fitness levels, our powerlifting program focuses on improving your power, performance, and resilience. Join us today and experience the transformation in your strength journey.

Strength Competition Prep

Reach your peak performance with Vybe Fitness Competition Prep in Winter Park. Our comprehensive strength and powerlifting training programs are designed to prepare athletes for competition, focusing on technique, strength, and endurance. Take your athletic prowess to the next level!

Online Training

Break free from the constraints of traditional gyms with Vybe Fitness Online Training in Winter Park. We offer flexible and personalized workout programs that you can follow from the comfort of your home. Get started on your digital fitness journey today!

Nutrition Coaching

Dive into a healthier lifestyle with Vybe Fitness Nutrition Coaching in Winter Park. Our expert nutritionists create personalized plans to guide you towards healthier eating habits, improved fitness, and overall wellness. Your journey to optimal nutrition starts here!

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Your Journey to Enhanced Health, Strength, and Fitness in Winter Park

At Vybe Fitness, located in the heart of Winter Park, Florida, our mission goes beyond helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

We aim to craft a stronger, more resilient version of you – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. 

Our team of certified personal trainers is committed to providing a customized, one-on-one training experience, designed to meet your unique needs and ambitions.

We pride ourselves on being a safe place for your fitness journey. At Vybe Fitness, you’re more than just a member; you’re part of a community that supports and motivates each other. 

With our tailored personal training and powerlifting programs, we guide you every step of the way to ensure you reach your fitness goals, irrespective of your current fitness level.

We invite you to experience the unique atmosphere at Vybe Fitness, where we transform lives through fitness every day. 

Click the link for more information and prepare for the remarkable experience that is Vybe. Join us today and unlock the door to your fitness potential in Winter Park.

Meet Our Staff



Vybe Fitness Team Reggie Cosmeus V2

My name is Reggie. I have been coaching for a little over 7 years now. Growing up, I played many team sports like football, basketball, and Soccer. I have competed in several powerlifting meets and currently coach competitive lifters. I began training in a large commercial gym to help me pay for my classes for engineering school. However, the more clients I was able to build a relationship with, the more I realized this was something I wanted to pursue. I fell in love with the idea of self improvement through the gym and becoming a better version of yourself mentally and physically. I loved watching people do things they didn't think possible. Wether it was walking up a flight of stairs without losing their breath or hitting a PR on a deadlift... I loved it. I opened this gym because I wanted to create an environment and community that promotes growth, strength, and mental toughness.

Jaye Hooks


Vybe Fitness Team Jaye

My love for training stemmed from an insecurity. My family has always had hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems. While genetics play a role, daily habits are the greatest factor. Weight training is a part, but mastering your mind and discipline is essential. Once learned, this mindset can be applied to other areas of your life. To be healthier, you must become better. My job is to help you in a fun, inspiring environment, creating a stronger version of yourself. With over a decade of experience, if you want a healthier lifestyle, reach out! Let’s Vybe.



Vybe Fitness Team Adam

My name is Adam Johnson. I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I have always been passionate about fitness and competition, having played sports throughout childhood. My love for working out started in high school and I became consistent in the gym, seeing results in my physique and strength levels. As I became more confident in myself, I realized I had a passion for helping others achieve the same results, having trained some of my friends, initially. Now, I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have been working as a coach for 2 years. I love to coach people who want to feel more physically capable in day to day life and gain strength through weight training. I’m excited to help as many people as I can to achieve their fitness goals!

Addie Byers


Vybe Fitness Team Addison

Addie was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. After high school she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in dance while also finding her love for fitness. Addie as well as being a professional dancer is a NASM certified personal trainer, and a NASM certified nutrition coach. She started teaching barre classes along with Mat Pilates and now focuses on strength training while incorporating what she's learned over the years. When Addie is not training, she is touring the world as back up dancer to artist Lindsey Stirling! Addie is passionate about designing a personalized fitness program with proper nutrition and strength training to help you reach your own fitness goals!



Vybe Fitness Team Erin

Hey! My name is Erin and I’m one of the personal trainers at Vybe Fitness. Little bit about me is that I’m a competitive powerlifter and a mom to two boys. I have always been around the gym, however it wasn't until I met my coach, Reggie, before I really took an interest. With his help, I learned to find balance in my nutrition, how to find enjoyment in the gym and how to stop focusing on the weight on the scale and focus on the weight I was lifting. My experience with him influenced me to start helping others that were struggling with the same views I had. I love helping people overcome their fears and misconceptions about the gym. I want to make sure people not only achieve their goals but enjoy the process along the way. I specialize in weight loss, strength training and powerlifting.

Steven Mcpherson


Vybe Fitness Team Steven

I grew up playing various sports and was introduced to weight training in High School. As a competitive weightlifter, we won the state championship, and I earned a football scholarship. Guided by top strength coaches, my passion for knowledge expanded. After college, I became a national-level competitive powerlifter, leading to my career as a strength coach with a CSCS degree. Since young, I've aimed to foster personal growth in others. Personal training lets me fulfill this. Whether it's rehabilitation, athletic training, muscle building, or fat loss, I've helped countless individuals achieve their goals. Training's value lies not just in the goal but in personal growth during the journey!

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